How to Enjoy a Weekend in Cambria, California

Cambria, California is a nice place to visit if you are planning to make a trip this summer. The place is best known for its hotels and vacation spots. Cambria is small town, isolated from busy life and hustle bustle of big cities. So, if you love nature and are tired of crowded places, Cambria has all you need this summer.

The town has all modern life facilities, but people visit the place due to its natural beauty and seaside village life. If you have arranged enough money, do not waste any more time and reach the town. You will have no trouble finding comfortable, cheap hotels and good travel guides.


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    Look for a nice, affordable hotel after you have reached Cambria. The town has plenty of small hotels and restaurants you can book. However, if you search for one in advance, you will save a lot of your time. Cambria has some of the cheapest, yet comfortable hotels in the United States. As the tourists flock to the town all year round, booking in advance is a nice idea if you plan to stay with your family. You can also find hotels in the beach area, but keep in mind the prices of these hotels are usually higher than that of ones in the middle of the town.

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    Life in Cambria is natural in every aspect. You can start your day with a healthy breakfast. There are several breakfast inns that provide delicious, yet wholesome food at cheaper rates. You can eat breakfast at hotel as well, but trekking along the street in the morning and find a nice, comfortable breakfast inn is surely worth the expense you are planning to make on the trip.

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    Moonstone Beach is the perfect place to visit in Cambria. If you have luckily found a hotel along the Moonstone Beach, you are bound to get the most out of money you have spent for this trip. Hundreds of people visit Cambria exclusively for Moonstone Beach as there are plenty of shopping arenas, restaurants, sports centres and much more.

    You can play water sports like surfing, speedboats, etc. Bear in mind that like all beaches in the United States, Moonstone Beach is also heavily crowded in the summer season. If you like privacy and hate to be surrounded by people, you can talk with your guide or can arrange time other rush hours (evening usually).

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