Top 10 Cities with Best Infrastructure in the World

Infrastructure is a wide term that includes all the basic necessities of life; a place is more pleasant and liveable if the infrastructure is fully developed. The progress of that specific area or place depends on how much its roads, electricity supply, telecommunications, water supply and health sector is developed.

Hardly few cities in this world can be included in the list of fully developed ones. However, there are some cities that not only have great infrastructure but also generate revenue by attracting lot of tourists every year.


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    Despite covering a very small area, this city has been ranked among the top cities of the world with best infrastructure. Singapore has gained this status by developing their telecommunication, health, transportation, water and electricity generation and supply sectors. Moreover, this city also has some of the amazing buildings like Esplanade- Theatres on the Bay, Armenian Church, and Helix Bridge etc.

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    Another city which is famous for its infrastructure is Frankfurt. Though, this city is the financial hub of Germany but it  has also become a tourist attraction due to its rich and festive culture. The transportation facilities in the city are unparalleled.

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    Munich is another German city that gives its citizens the best infrastructure. According to recent studies, this city has been declared as the best place for living in the continent - Europe. It is connected with other parts of world through air ports, sea ports, railway etc and has headquarters of many multinational organisations.

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    This city is undoubtedly the most cleanest and planned city of Denmark. Copenhagen is not only rich in historic places but also facilitates the visitors through best roads, train and bus services etc. The shipping companies here also play a vital role in generating the revenue for the country.

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    This city is famous for art and culture but the thing which makes it a friendly place to live is its infrastructure. That is why, many telecommunication companies, media organisations and fashion industry have made this city their base camp.

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    Hong Kong:

    Hong Kong is a tourists’ heaven in true sense and the reason is clearly the fully developed infrastructure. The best and cheap transportation and accommodation facilities have made this world’s leading financial centre.

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    No other place can beat London in terms of civilising and cultural activities. However, the infrastructure is also matchless; it has perfect transportation system, complete communication system and other necessities of life. Moreover, its buildings also tell story of centuries to the visitors.

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    Sydney, the financial hub of Australia, has also been declared one of the best cities in the world that have fully developed infrastructure. With several ports, this city is connected with almost every part of the world.

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    Here is another German city in the list that is famous for its unparalleled infrastructure. This city is undoubtedly a railway junction to Scandinavia. However, it also has best roads and airports in the region.

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    Vancouver is at top of the list of those cities that provide all the necessities of life to their citizens. For the last five years, this Canadian city holds the honour of being the most loved city of the world.

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