How to Make Casino Party Invitations

Regular parties can get boring at times due to them being redundant and common. If you are looking to spice up the venue and wanting to change things around, than a casino party is what you should be planning out. It will give guests a reason to spend some money, especially if you want to raise some funds for a specific cause.

One of the major factors in getting people to come to your casino themed party is one which not many people realize it to be. It is an attractive invitation and not having made on that is eye catching will not add to the excitement.

Things Required:

– Cardstock

– Pencil/Pen

– Envelopes

– Scissors

– Casino Themed Cards

– Decorative paper

– Double-sided tape

– Markers

– A Ruler


  • 1

    Card Base

    This is a very important part of making casino party invitations. Fold a 8.5 by 11 inch piece of green, red or even black cardstock. This can be done either through the long side or even the short one, but should be either one. Have the envelope on the bottom and use your pencil or pen to make light marks, marking where the cuts are going to be made and use the scissors to do so.

  • 2

    Add the Casino Themed Pictures

    This can be done by either drawing them yourself or cutting out pictures of casinos, a roulette wheel sticker, dice or cards. Anything that you think will stick out and make your invitation unique should be added on this part to the envelope and your cards.

  • 3


    Taking a square of patterned paper or cardstock, mat the accent. Affix the embellishment through the card with the double sided tape that was mentioned in the ‘Things Required’ section.

  • 4


    Now it is time to write the actual invitation. Write it on the bottom of the envelope and adding some catchy lines such as ‘Try Your Luck with Us’ will obviously raise the level of their excitement even more. This will also give you the chance to be creative as you want depending on your friends and adding an inside joke for each one of them will be the cherry on top.

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