Things to do in Nice, France

Nice – a city that truly boasts what it stands for – is an epitome of beauty, colour and grandeur. Located to the south east coast of France, alongside the French Riviera, Nice is a popular tourist attraction in France. Warm and sunny, the place is a perfect spot to experience nature’s vast diversity, along with a blend of historic and modern structures.

Nice is the depository of ancient French culture – rich and majestic. It bears witness to the lifestyle that was once widespread among the tribes and how it evolved into what it is now.

Here are a few things to do in Nice, needless to add that, once there, the city offers a new and a “nice” experience no matter what you do.


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    Usually baked on fire, one of the specialties French cuisine, Socca is peculiar to Nice only. A concoction of chickpea and olive oil is not to be missed. Visiting Nice and not trying this chickpea cake is a precious opportunity lost!

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    Exploring the city is a real treat for the visitors, as it has plenty to offer.  Regardless of unique preferences and interests, the city appeals to the senses of anyone and everyone.

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    The food and flower market at Cours Saleya welcomes you with its brilliant colours, delicacies and aromas as soon as you step out in Old Town Nice.

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    Nice has a range of historic places that are a must-see. Musée de Paléontologie Humaine de Terra Amata is one place that takes the visitors onto a journey that dates back to 400,000 years on the Riviera.

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    Musée des Beaux-Arts preserves the essence of arts itself. The structure was home to a Ukrainian princess in the earlier years. The relics at the museum portray the grandeur and glory of the past. Vast gardens surrounding the area add to the splendor of one's experience.

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    Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, the oldest museum of the vicinity, is a conservation of Mother Nature’s creations – as obnoxious or intriguing as they can get. The displays, temporary and permanent, vary from the wonders of marine life to holy ornaments and much more.

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    Although pebbly, a stroll on the beaches of Nice offers a walk to remember for one’s life. Enjoy the serenity of the cold water and the warm sun at the Pebble Beach, luring you in their embrace.

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    With a spellbinding view of the ocean from the Promenade des anglais is the first attraction for night lovers. A host of restaurants, cafes and the like invite visitors to its seaside life.

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    Once evening sets in, glitter and vibrancy take over Nice. Ruhl Casino Barrière de Nice is a must-visit place for sheer entertainment, exquisite dining and gaming.

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    Nice have several music bars bursting with musical excitement. Enchanting melodies, varying from disco to jazz, to suit one’s preferences are another entertaining aspect of Nice’s life. Place Massena is an appealing place to visit for this purpose.

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