How to Get Kicked Out Of an Amusement Park

Amusements parks are always fun. No matter what age you are, you will not get bored. Many of us have had this experience in our lives. We know the screams from the rides, the appetizing smell of popcorn and fried dough and getting exited from roaming around. It is truly a wonderland for children. The place surely has some rules and you can be kicked out if you don’t follow them. It may be a strange goal that you want to enter for being kicked out, but there are some things you can do to achieve it.


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    Riding rules

    Whenever you sit on a ride you are bound to hear to keep your hands inside. You have been warned again and again to sit straight and do not move. So it’s time to disobey that rule. Get on one of the fastest rides; start waving your hands in and out repeatedly. Make this action obvious by grinning and sneering. If you keep doing that, you will most probably be restricted from the ride. Now you go to the next ride and start doing the same. Eventually their patience would wear out and you will be thrown out.

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    Break the line

    In many places it is considered really offensive. You see a huge line waiting for the bumper cars, you plan to get kicked out so what do you do; obviously cut the line. The key is to make it obvious because you want to be noticed. Do these acts while the ride is still loading so that the operator sees you. Push past people and hand in your ticket with a smile. This will make him aware that your act was intentional. You will be told to go back but stay adamant. This will make him angry and he will complain about you. Keep arguing and he will let you ride eventually, but congratulate yourself as you will be told to get out.

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    That is the most obvious advice, it may sound easy but it is complex to implement. The difficulty arises in what to steal and where to steal. If you drop some minor object like a plastic lizard on the ground, it won’t have the desired effect. There are shops with t-shirts, cards, hats, markers etc. These are the things you should be aiming at. Pick it up while some one is looking at you, act as if you are stealing and run away. There will be a report against you and everyone will start looking for you. Get caught by the authorities and you are sure to get out.

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