Things to do on Holidays in New Delhi India

One of the most culturally astute and historically rich cities in the world, New Delhi continues to be a location for the subcontinent’s flavoursome melting of traditions. Complete with monuments, luxurious hotels and a cuisine known throughout the globe, a tourist will simply run out of options in India’s capital.


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    Qutub Minar

    Start your Delhi trip with a visit to the Qutub Minar, which is famous throughout the world for its historic value. A limestone minaret, it’s popularity surges throughout the country and is a particular haven for foreign tourists.

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    Swaminarayan Akshardham

    An Indian temple courtesy of one man’s will power, the Swaminarayan is an architectural masterpiece and continues attract enthusiasts in large throngs during theme shows and presentations.

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    Humayun's Tomb

    One of the Mughal’s many lasting impacts on New Delhi, Humayun’s tomb stands out as a major monument in the metropolis and is certainly worth the visit if you can spare the time to marvel at its design.

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    Lodi Gardens:

    While the rest of Delhi is far from a pleasing atmosphere in terms of cleanliness and fresh air, there is relative calm at Lodi Gardens, where tourists can bask in natural glory and take refined walks around the oasis.

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    Japanese food at it’s very best and definitely worth a punt if you’re searching for original sushi. There are a number of tantalizing options that will appeal to all sorts of tastes, but do try the battered and fried prawn alongside the fried chicken in katsu sauce.

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    Indian Accent:

    For continental cuisine infused with an Indian touch, do visit Indian Accent, which may leave a gaping hole in your budget, but is equally worth the eventual bill it stirs up.

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    Barbeque Nation:

    How can a trip to New Delhi be completed without some quality barbeque? And for the best of the best, the Barbeque Nation will surely not disappoint. Experience the spicy yet exotic at the Janakpuri locality, which is relatively inexpensive to boot.

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    For some continental take on breakfasts travel to Wenger’s, where the pastries are delicious and the variety exorbitant.

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    The Leela Palace:

    For a complete Indian experience, head onto the Leela Palace, but beware of the hefty price tag that comes along with the rooms.

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    Shanti Home:

    A perfect setting for couples or newlyweds, this small hotel is the most romantic inn in the whole of New Delhi and is worth a definite visit if you’re tagging along with your better half.

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