How to Get Hohokam Park Spring Training Info

If you are planning to visit the HoHoKam Park this spring to see The Cubs in action, you probably will need some preliminary info, especially if this will be your first trip to HoHoKam. If you are a baseball fan, the possibilities of an exalted experience are literally unlimited. That is the reason why your trip should be properly planned if HoHoKam will be a part of your spring training vacation.

Remember that you may have to spend a lot so keep a close eye on your budget before starting to plan for HoHoKam Park spring training.


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    You will be entitled for a discount by The Cubs and the HoHoKam Park if you purchase passes to all the home games scheduled to be held in March. If the duration of your vacation and your budget permits, purchase individual passes for all home games or purchase a season ticket package.

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    Training sessions for the Chicago Cubs are held at the Fitch Park which is located at a walk of few minutes from the Cubs' spring training home. At the Fitch Park, you can see players in live action without having to purchase a separate ticket. Talk to the HoHoKam Park staff and ask them about the training sessions for the Chicago Cubs.

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    Chicago players are occasionally seen signing autographs for their fans at the park’s gate before a game commences. Spend some time hovering about the right field entrance so that you can get a chance of shaking hands with your favourite players and getting autographs from them.

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    Spare some time from your spring training schedule and spend this time hovering about the park and watching batting practice. You will have plenty of time to get in your seat for watching a batting practice because there is a time gap of two hours between opening of the park’s gates and the first pitch.

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    If you want to view the field from above, consider purchasing grandstand seats which are not so expensive and will give you a foul line view of the entire field.

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    If you want a message to be sent to a loved one, you can accomplish this by purchasing a scoreboard message. Remember that HoHoKam Park’s policy does not allow advance booking of scoreboard message so if you are interested in purchasing one, you will have contact the media centre after the first pitch on a given day.

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