Things to do on Holidays in Oxford England

Oxford, one of the most famous cities in England was called as a ‘city of dreaming spires’ by famous poet, Matthew Arnold. This is so because of the harmonious architectural layout of Oxford University’s buildings. Furthermore, the city is a diverse economic base of the country from its motor manufacturing industries to science centres.


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    The Creation Theatre Company is one of the most creative sites in the country. Shows here are beautiful, ugly, daring, spooky, magical, sassy, cheeky, you name it. And, this place has something to offer for everyone from all age groups.

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    The University Museum of Natural History is a Victorian styled building with loads of Dinosaurs (bones of course), animal sculptures and things that you might not be able to see in an average museum of natural history.

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    The Pitt Rivers Museum is one of the most famous attractions inside Oxford and depicts many postings of Pitt Rivers, who was an officer in the British Royal Army during the 19th century. The place is of great anthropological and cultural importance.

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    Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology was built in 1683 and is one of the oldest museums in the world. Coming here is always a great day out so if you are a tourist, do not miss out on a visit here.

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    What’s the whole point of visiting Oxford when you don’t even go to the University of Oxford? This is the oldest English-speaking University in the world and started way back in 1096. There is so much history here that you would not want to leave.

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    Christ Church Meadow is a scenic park that will offer you a good two-mile walk through the meadows situated along the river banks. This place will offer you some really picturesque views that are great spots for having picnics.

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    Founded in 1379, the New College was once the workplace home of famous Oxford don, Dr. Spooner. You are bound to fall in love with the five stone buildings.

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    Words cannot say enough about the amazing ambiance surrounding the Christ Church College. Such an amazing architecture is not seen everywhere in the world and this should be one of the main reasons for you arrival in Oxford.

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    Bodleian Library actually forms a part of the Oxford University. One of the most interesting rooms here would be of the Persian Exhibition.

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    Sheldonian Theatre was built by Sir Christopher Wren back in 1664. The architectural design of this theatre takes inspiration from the Marcellus Theatre in Rome. The inside of the theatre is a spectacle worth seeing.

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