Top 10 Best Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, situated in the U.S. state of Nevada, is Nevada’s most populous city. It is known all over the world for its hotels and casinos. According to a research, there are more than 220 hotels and casinos in the city, ranging from small to enormously large in size, with Wynn Las Vegas, the Venetian Hotel, Caesars Palace and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino being some of the more famous ones. Most of the big hotels in the city have a unique set of facilities which make them stand above the rest.


  • 1

    Wynn Las Vegas

    Tom Fazio-designed golf course, oversized rooms, large marble baths and not to forget the original works of art by Van Gogh & Picasso make Wynn Las Vegas the best hotel in town.

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    Four Seasons, Las Vegas

    Even though the Four Seasons is situated with Mandalay Bay Resort, which makes it more of a hotel within a hotel, it is ranked the second best hotel in Las Vegas for its comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms, elegant facilities and exquisite lobby.

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    Bellagio Hotel

    The botanical gardens and Mediterranean Villa appearance of the Bellagio Hotel are a sight worth remembering. The Bellagio Hotel is ranked number 3 on the top 10 list.

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    The hotel at Mandalay Bay

    With suite-style rooms over 750 square feet each, separate sleeping area, granite baths and plasma TVs, The hotel at Mandalay Bay is ranked the 4th best hotel in Las Vegas.

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    The Venetian Hotel

    The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is where an entire trip can be spent without getting bored for a single moment. The hotel has all the luxuries one can ever dream of.

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    Caesars Palace

    Since its opening in 1966, the Caesars Palace has played host to numerous high profile personalities from around the world. The Caesars Palace is considered to be the 6th best hotel in town.

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  • 7

    Mirage Hotel

    For people who love tropical lands, the Mirage Hotel is nothing short of a paradise. Its lagoon-shaped pool, waterfalls, Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat are all set in a variety of lush tropical plants.

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  • 8

    Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

    With an amazing 11-acre sand beach and 3 outdoor pools, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is one of the best hotels in town. The hotel features a number of landmarks found in Paris, France.

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  • 9

    Paris Las Vegas

    The Paris Las Vegas is known for its ½ scale replica of the Eiffel Tower located right outside the hotel building. There are a number of other Parisian features inside the hotel. The Paris Las Vegas is ranked number 9 on the list of the 10 best hotels in Las Vegas.

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  • 10

    Luxor Hotel and Casino

    Luxor Hotel and Casino is yet another beautiful hotel in Las Vegas and follows an Egyptian theme. However, it is at the bottom of the list of 10 best hotels in town.

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