Things to do on Holidays in Xiamen China

A major city with a knack of attracting tourists because of its historical monuments and natural beauty, Xiamen is regarded as China’s most romantic city and thus commands a sizable population of couples looking to get away from the rest of the world.


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    Gulangyu Island:

    A popular area to visit, but always keep out of the centre circle, where novelty items are overpriced and cafes masquerade to International fame. Keep it simple and enjoy being on the side, where you can sample food from the local carts.

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    Xiamen University:

    Not only is this a regular tourist hotspot and an educational institute, but the stunning architecture leaves many gasping for more and thus is worth a visit if you can spare the time.

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    Gulang Huandao Road:

    A beautiful road, which is close to Vietnam, it is highly recommended that you bike from one end of the trail to another, which should not take more than 1.5 hours.

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    Huaijiu Gulangyu Museum:

    The museum is definitely worth a visit if history is your thing, but the exorbitant price charges are known to put off many.

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    La Bettola:

    Xiamen’s most highly rated restaurant happens to be Italian and if spaghetti or top quality pizzas is what you seek, then his eatery is the place to get it.

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    Indiano John's Samrat:

    Indian food happens to be particularly popular in China and owing to the large demand, a number of locations have dotted up. However, Indiano John’s, excusing the pun, is perhaps the best of them, where the curries are spicy and the chapattis fresh.

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    Red Armadillo:

    A favoured destination for locals and expats looking to escape the usual and try out a fresh, juicy burger. And at a low cost, it’s preferred by students and businessmen alike, with reviews being quite highly rated.

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    Sea view Resort:

    The perfect locality to divulge in quality living and experience luxury at its best. However, the price range is high and doesn’t fit into most pockets.

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    Swiss International Hotel:

    A hotel with good standards and relatively budget friendly, the Swiss International has all the hallmarks of top class hotel, but keeps the wallet in check when it comes to paying the bill.

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    OR Jian Family Hotel:

    For locals, this is the place to stay in if they ever need to. Low cost and good service is the name of the game, but tourists would be hard pressed to relax here, especially given the lack of English language at the locality.

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