How to Make Beach Party Invitations

Beach can be a very good place to arrange an event like wedding, reunion, barbecue etc. You are the planner of the event and that can be a lot of pain for sure. You will have to book the place by contacting the officiating authority. You will have to call for the event organizers to set up the basic needs like a hut that will allow you to put your stuff and the food material that will be required at the event. It can be a birthday party, a shower or a small get together of a family as well but it all requires an invitations to be prepared and they should fit the occasion otherwise no one will be interested in that event. So, make sure the initiations are prepared with utmost care and some uniqueness that will lure the potential participants in attending the event.


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    Get a sheet of cardstock. Fold it in a manner that the invitation is on the left-hand side of the stock. Cut it with the dimensions 8.5 inch by 11 inch. You will get a rectangular shape but in order to make the cuts and folds sharp, use a scale that will help you keep everything straight as an arrow.

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    Buy a wavy decorative scissor. You will need it to cut the wrapping paper which is also known as the decorative paper. Design a layer on the decorative paper in a way that they represent the waves of the ocean. Use a paper that is coloured sky blue which will look elegant. The decorative cutting should at least be long enough to encompass the entire front side of the initiation card. However, don’t overdo it and make it look like very shiny etc. You can paste the cutting paper with the help of the glue or scotch tape but if you are using the latter, make sure that you fold the scotch tape underneath the paper so that it is not apparent. Glue is always a better option; strongly recommended.

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    Use the same glue and attach something that will give an idea of the event like if it’s a wedding, past few diagrams of roses or it is a reunion, just paste a picture of some people having fun together etc. It all depends on your choice.

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    Design the verses to be printed on the cards using Microsoft Word. Print them and dispatch the invitations.

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