How to Get to Baker Beach

Baker Beach is a great place for the San Franciscans to spend their weekends, away from the city hustle. The water conditions are really dangerous at the Baker Beach, and you will not find any life guards there. In addition to that, the quality of the water is also not good.The most attractive aspect of this beach, at least for some, is that nudity is not prohibited here, and you will often find people without any clothes.


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    The Baker Beach is located near the Golden Gate Bridge, just below the Presidio. You should take the Lincoln Avenue to Bowley, where you can easily find the parking lot for your vehicle. You can also get parking at the Gibson.  Avoid looking for a parking at Gibson in busy days however.

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    There is no fee to enter the Baker Beach. Moreover, you will also not be charged to park your car at any place near the beach.

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    You cannot take alcohol or glass containers to the beach, as they are prohibited. You will find restrooms and picnic tables. However, they will be far away from the beach. Try to bring food items with you, as you will not find anything to eat at the beach.

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    You can do fishing, sunbathing and photography, especially when there is Golden Gate Bridge in the background. You should avoid swimming at the beach, as the water is really dangerous, and is not good for the skin.

    The water has taken many lives in the past. Therefore, you should try to avoid going into the water, even if the “No Swimming” sign is not displayed.

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    The beach remains foggy almost all day long, even in the summer season. That can be quite an experience.

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    If you go near the bridge, you will find a place where nudity is allowed. That part is also called nude beach. Therefore, if you get offended by nudity, you should stay away from that area.

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