Things to do on Holidays in York England

York is one of the most historic cities in England, and lies in North Yorkshire region. The city was first established by Romans as Eboracum, who founded the city on the River Ouse. since then, the city has turned out to play a major role in the politics of the country. York is now a popular tourist destination and is the second most visited city in England.


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    One should definitely visit the National Railway Museum while visiting York. It's the world's largest Railway Museum, and is an ideal destination for getting to know the locomotive history. The museum has a vivid collection of locomotives, one that includes several new and old specimens.

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    The York Minster is one of the most historic buildings in the city, being the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. It is the second most important religious building in the country after Canterbury, as it seats the archbishopric of York. The cathedral is one of the prime attractions for tourists in the city, while visiting York.

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    Built on a former prison, the York Castle Museum is another place to visit in York. The museum is filled with a variety of collections which manage attract the attention of people of all ages. It's one of the many museums around the city, and is definitely worth a visit.

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    The Treasurer's House is another historic place to visit in York. It served as home to the treasures of the Minster of York. The House is a representation of the region's history, being one of the oldest buildings in the city. The rooms are set-up in classical theme that date backs to pre-1900s.

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    The Rowntree Park is the perfect location to spend a Sunday afternoon along with your family. The Park is an ideal situation to get away from the hustle bustle city life.

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    Afternoon tea served by waitresses having a strong English accent, Betty's promise the perfect English experience. The cafe also provides quality chocolate, one that it's particularly famous for.

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    If you're looking for Mexican cuisine while staying in York, then Fiesta Mexicana is the place to visit. The restaurant offers a fine taste of several Mexican items including Burritos, Tostadas and Nachos.

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    The Clifford Tower is what remains of the once glorious York Castle, is a must visit for those who feel interested in the history of the region. The former tower which now lies in ruins, provides a fascinating panoramic view of the country side, and is an ideal location to visit if you're looking for a place to relax.

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    The Shambles, a well-known street that lies in the centre of York, is one of the most visited streets in Europe. It's a destination for tourists, business persons and shoppers alike who are either to attend to their daily business or just visiting for the sake of it.

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    York tends to provide a wonderful treat to those who love aviation. The Yorkshire Air Museum was built on a former Bomber Command Station that served in World War II. The Museum exhibits various kinds of specimen including the well-known Halifax Bomber.

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