Public & National Holidays in Mauritius

Mauritius is an island nation off the south east coast of the African continent. It is officially known as the Republic of Mauritius as the country is made of different islands. The main island is known as Mauritius with Cargados Carajos Archipelago, Rodrigues and the Agalega islands making up the rest. Since the area is completely surrounded by the Indian Ocean, it is a very popular tourist destination as the beautiful beaches and tropical weather attract many people throughout the year. Although most inhabitants are Hindus, the island enjoys ethnic diversity. Mauritius observes a number of Public and National Holidays.


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    1st-2nd January – New Year

    People in Mauritius celebrate New Year with great enthusiasm. The country observes two days of Holidays.

    27th January – Thaipoosam Cavadee

    This is a Hindu festival and is celebrated by the Tamils living in Mauritius. According to the Tamil month, this is celebrated on the full moon of Thai. It is also observed in countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar.

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    1st February – Abolition of Slavery

    This day is celebrated to mark the abolition of slavery. Different festivals are arranged on this day as a sign of equality among people.

    10th February – Chinese Spring Festival

    This is the most important festival for the Chinese as it marks the start of their Lunar year. It is similar to Christmas day where families get together. It was founded during the Shang Dynasty in the 17th - 11th century BC.

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    10th March – Maha Shivaratree

    This day is celebrated by the Hindu community in reverence of Lord Shiva. Shivaratree means the great night of Shiva or the night of Shiva. Devotees from all over the island gather at the sacred lake called the Grand Bassin.

    12th March – National Day

    This is also known as the Republic Day and is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The island gained independence from Briton on March 12, 1968 and then became a republic on March 12, 1992.

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    11th April– Ougadi

    Unlike other festivals, people do not celebrate this day on the streets, instead families gather together for lunch and dinner.

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    1st May – Labour Day

    It is celebrated as a Holiday just like everywhere else all over the world.

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    10th September – Ganesh Chaturthi

    This is the day to pay homage to the Hindu God Lord Ganesh, who is believed to be the God of wisdom, good fortune and prosperity. His followers believe that he bestows on earth for his devotees on this day. Many festivals are arranged and people come out on the streets wearing new clothes.

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    1st November – All Saints’ Day

    This day is marked to honour all the Saints who came in this world.

    2nd November – Arrival of Indentured Labourers

    This day is dedicated to remember Indentured Labourers.

    3rd November – Diwali

    Throwing colours at each other is the highlight of this festival as it is celebrated in the memory of many legends in the Hindu culture.

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    25th December – Christmas

    Just like many parts of the world, Christmas is the time of love and celebration on this Island.

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    1 Shawwal - Eid ul-Fitr

    This is a Muslim festival marking the end of Ramadan.

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