How to Use a Cell Phone in Belgium

With the passage of time, cell phone has magnified its importance in the real world and one cannot simply survive without it. The facility of connecting with your friends, family and colleagues whenever you want and wherever you want is itself a great luxury. Not to mention the benefits of cell phones that are similar to net books and tablets have played a considerable role in this regard. Whenever you travel to a foreign country, you want to use the cell phone in order to stay in touch with your closed ones.


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    Use your current phone or buy a new one

    In order to use cell phone in Belgium, you can either purchase a new one or you can simply use your current phone if you want. It is advised that you should not waste money on buying a new phone and use your current phone. For this, you must contact your service provider before leaving for Belgium and ensure that they provide you the same services in Belgium during your stay. For this, you should contact them through an email of call the helpline to solve your problem.

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    Buy a suitable adapter

    The voltage system and plugs vary from country to country. Therefore, it is of considerably importance that you should buy an appropriate adapter from an electronics store in Belgium. Remember that the Belgium uses an E type plug, so you must purchase that from an electronic store.

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    Buy an appropriate transformer

    You must buy an appropriate transformer that is able to carry the 230 volts. Keep in mind that this is the voltage used in Belgium to recharge your cell phone batteries. If you fail to use the correct transformer, your phone is likely to get fried due to the voltage.

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    Buy a cell phone

    If your service provider does not offer services in Belgium then you must purchase a phone and cellular service in the Belgium. You should not leave your original phone at home and bring it to Belgium as you will need it. After you have purchased the phone in Belgium, you can use your current phone to retrieve the contact information of any person.

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    Learn the local codes

    After you have reached Belgium, it is of utmost importance that you should learn the local codes in order to be able to avail the dialling services.

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