How to Get Hershey Park Admission and Tickets

Hershey Park, an amusement park located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, is no doubt one of the greatest amusement parks in the world. It offers Chocolate World, Hershey Park Stadium, rides, entertainment, food and many other facilities to its visitors who come to enjoy their time away from the worries of daily life.

If you live in Pennsylvania and have not made a trip to Hershey Park yet, then you should seriously start thinking about buying a ticket. Keep reading this article and you will get to know about the whole procedure and the costs involved in enjoying activities available at the Hershey Park.


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    Visit the Hershey Park’s official website and move the cursor to the tickets tab present at the right top of the webpage. A menu will appear where you will have to click on “Admission Plans”. You will now be redirected to the admission ticket plans page. The admission fee for people aged from 9 – 54 is $57.95 plus $.85 amusement tax per day. You can use this ticket to enjoy most of the rides available at the park.

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    You can also buy a two-day bundle package at just $76.00, plus $.85 amusement tax per day. The two-day package will also include munching chocolate and riding.

    If you plan to visit the park in spring season, then you may save some costs, as the management sets the ticket prices to almost half as compared to the summer season price.

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    If you have children with 2 years or less in age, then you do not need to leave them behind with any babysitter. You should take them  along as you won't have to pay any admission fee for children aged 2 or less.

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    There are a number of packages available each season. Make sure you navigate the Admission Plans page thoroughly, in order to get the best price.

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    You can also check for different discount offers for the park. Discount tickets for the Hershey park are usually available at the Giant Food Stores, Pennsylvania Turkey Hill Minit Markets and the local PA Entertainment books.

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    If you do not want to buy the admission tickets online, then you can also buy them at the park gate. According to the Google maps, the address of the park is 100 W. Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA 17033.

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