Things to do in Nanjing

Being one of the oldest cities of China, Nanjing commands a certain level of tourist attraction after being highly praised for its development activities. And while modernity is certainly on the agenda, the city have not forgotten their past and culturally they remain as sound as ever.


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    The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre:

    A dedicated hallmark to the people who lost their lives in the Nanjing Massacre, not only does this shrine tell the gripping story of what happened but also portrays the city’s formerly bloody history.

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    Xuanwu Lake:

    Being at the base of the Yangtze River delta, Nanjing has quite some peaceful lakes, where one can look forward to relaxing amidst the calmness of nature. Xuanwu is such a place and should be on the agenda for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

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    XuanWu Park:

    There is no shortage of greenery in the city either and one can look forward to serenity when visiting the XuanWu park, which is also a major tourist spot.

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    Nanjing Olympic Sports Center:

    As the home stadium of Jiangsu Sainty F.C, this locality is perhaps the best area to witness quality football and is always appealing to a true Sports fan.

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    For Indian food lovers, Himalaya is a real haven. Not too spicy, not too expensive, just a right combination of what you expect from a top quality restaurant that remains a local favourite.

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    Noodles are popular, but Spaghetti is the new rage in Nanjing. And one of the best places to sample the Italian delight is at Bellini.

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    Taj Mahal restaurant:

    Although not as fancy as some of the other Indian eateries dotting the city, the Taj Mahal is still great value for money and you will never be disappointed by the fare they have to offer.

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    Nanjing Cooked Food Stalls:

    However, if you really want to live it up in terms of food, then check around the city for stalls that sell local delicacies at very reasonable rates.

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    Super 8 Nanjing Shun Tian Presidential Palace:

    Nanjing’s ultimate destination for luxurious staying is the Super 8 Palace and while the bill you receive is considerable, always keep in mind that top class hotels eventually do set you back a lot of money.

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    InterContinental Nanjing:

    One of the many quality accommodations in the city, InterContinental Nanjing is a tourist’s paradise, owing to its comfort and excellent customer service.

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