How to Propose at a Beach

It is best time to propose your girlfriend is when it seems like your relationship has developed for good. To do it effectively, it depends on the degree of respect with which your potential wife will speak for you in the future thinking about this day.
A guy, who is interested in a girl and wants to build a strong relationship after marrying her, is often afraid of rejection. So, if you are afraid to express your feelings publicly, you can take her to a beach. If you really love the girl, propose her before presenting a bouquet and a ring.


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    Determine the right time to convey your feeling. See when she is in a good mood. Make her laugh and then express your emotions. Choose appropriate words according to the situation. Saying something when she is not an appropriate mood might turn her off and she can walk away even if you have not completed the first sentence of you proposal.

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    Choose a place at the beach where you will presumably be alone with her. She can act wilfully in the presence of others and there is a possibility that she will not even take your words seriously.

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    Do not make the unexpected declaration of love after waiting for too long. Start a conversation with some introductory phrases and then come to the point. Tell her how much you love her. This old phrase can do wonders when uttered at the right time and place.

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    Make her plenty of compliments after holding her hand swiftly. Every woman, regardless of age, can be carried away with well-chosen compliments. The beauty of girls is worth mentioning. Remember to tell her that she has both the internal and external beauty. Mention her qualities like she has a kind heart and a pure soul.

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    If she is sentimental, give her a photo album of your relationship. Carefully collect the pictures when you first met.

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    Put a piece of a declaration of love and a ring in a bottle before taking her to the sea shore. Guide her to that way where you have put the bottle. Let the lady open the bottle to read the letter herself.

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