How to Visit Smith Island, Maryland

Smith Island is situated in Somerset County in Maryland, United States of America. It is a census-designated place and is included in the Salisbury which is in Maryland Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is considered as one of the calmest and the most soothing places to visit. In addition, you get a great chance to learn about the culture of the community which lives in Smith Island.

If you are looking forward to visit Smith Island along with your family members and friends, you can take help from the given steps.


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    First of all, you have to make a plan that how you will reach Smith Island. The easiest way to go to there is to book a ferry boat which travel towards the Somerset County. You must contact with all your close friends and family members to ask who is willing to go. Try to convince as many people as you can so that you may be able to enjoy your visit. Furthermore, it will help you in making the reservations in advance and to make an estimate about the kind of ferry boat you will require.

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    It is extremely important for you to prepare the budget of your trip. You must keep your budget flexible rather than fixed so that you can easily make room for the unexpected expenses. Then, you have to divide all the expenses amongst all the people who are going with you. It will be better for you to divide the budget equally amongst all, but if someone can’t afford to pay his part, you should all share his or her part.

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    Don’t forget to enjoy the paddle boat at Smith Island. You can visit the nearby wildlife on the boat. Moreover, you can also see the natives who are living in the surroundings of the Somerset County.

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    There are a lot of traditional dishes which you can eat and enjoy during your visit to Smith Island. One of the most famous ancient cuisines includes ‘watermen’ which is a delicious mixture of soft and hard crabs. Besides, there are many different kinds of seafood available at the Island which you can enjoy also. Furthermore, don’t forget to taste the dessert which is usually a slice given at the end of every meal.

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