How to Stop Beach Erosion

Erosion is a natural process that helps to transfer materials and nutrients around. However, accelerated erosion alongside the sea side can lead to elimination  of beaches and pose a threat to the property on the beach. Beach erosion is happening on a large scale around us. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, almost 80% of United States beaches have been eroding for decades and it keeps growing. Water waves wash off the sand from the beach and deposit it somewhere else, eating up on beach area. One of the main reasons for beach erosion is the ruse in sea levels that is caused by the melting of glaciers. Greater sea level has higher force to wash away larger amounts of sand from the coast. The solutions to beach erosion are pricey, time consuming but worth the effort.

Thing Required:

– Construction machinery
– Sea walls
– Dredger


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    Sea walls:

    The first option is to build sea walls of net and concrete along the beach which will bear the force of the hitting water and do not let it wash away the sand. However, these walls do take away the unaltered beauty of the beach. They may also reflect the direction of the waves towards an angle that will harm the adjacent property. It is nevertheless one of the popularly used methods. Horizontal banks along the beach can be helpful.

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    Beach nourishment:

    This solution involves dredging huge amount of sand from in shore areas and depositing them along the coast to slow down the process of erosion. If done on an on going basis with constant nourishment, this process can stall beach erosion and protect the properties along the coast.

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    Make a lasting change:

    The above two solutions may prove to be temporary when the cause of the problem endures; rising sea levels. If you treat this problem, you will not have to look for other solutions. The evil behind rising sea level is global warming. Reduce the use of products which contribute to greenhouse effect. Increased global warming leads to excessive melting of glaciers, contributing to sea levels.

    Human factors that contribute to beach erosion include dam building upstream the river. These dams trap the silt in the rivers and turn them hungry for sand on the beaches. Building of infrastructure on the coastline also contributes to coastal erosion. Minimal construction is advised to save the beaches for the future.

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