How to Pack a Lunch for the Beach

Fun in the sun. This is what you get on a trip to beach in summer time. Living near the coastal areas can be a blessing, but if you are not one of those people then proper preparation is required before you head to the beach. You need to have all the accessories to fully enjoy the time, especially when you are planning to spend the whole day over there. Among so many other things which you will need to account for, a good preparation for the lunch meal will make your experience all the more memorable. In this regard, there are a lot of things of things which can add spice to your trip, making it comfortable.


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    Plan for the trip two days in advance

    The most important thing for organizing a lunch on the beach trip is planning. Make a list of food items which are portable and can be easily carried to the beach. There is a good chance that you will miss something in the first go, but having enough time in between will allow you to re-check. Take food like chips, fruits, salads and small delights with you, so that you don’t have to make an effort while eating.

    You can also arrange for a barbecue at the beach.

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    Buys water bottles

    Purchase a good amount of water bottles and tin cans. Under the sun at the beach, there is a huge chance of dehydrating, so before departing, ensure that you have enough supplies. Also make a plan of how you will cater for the ice required in the water cooler.

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    Cater for the utensils

    While some of the metallic or glass dishes can be carried to the beach, it is recommended that you buy paper cups, plates and plastic utensils which can be easily disposed off.

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    Take a large blanket or thick cloth with you

    While dining, you will certainly not like to sit on the beach sand. Therefore it is advised to take a blanket with you. The blanket should be large enough to accommodate all your food items and the people. If possible, get hold of some foldable chairs that can be assembled around your location. Umbrellas can be put above those chairs to provide shade.

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    Cover your food with plastic sheets

    An important tip is to cover all your food with plastic sheet to aluminium foils. This will protect it from sand contamination.

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