How to Have a Cheap Beach Vacation

Normally, it is believed that you need to spend a fortune to have a beach vacation but it is not true as you can have fun on the beach while staying on budget. All you need is to choose your location wisely and you will see that expenses are much less than the routine.

It is not necessary that you fly to international destinations, choose exotic resorts and stay in high-priced hotel to have a perfect vacation. You can enjoy everything without diving into the ocean of financial crisis if you keep couple of things in your mind.


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    First of all do your homework. Read newspapers and travel brochures, notice advertisements and last but not the least use internet to choose your destination sensibly. Sometimes there are locations that are far away but you can reach there by your car or public transport.

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    Ask your family and friends. This limited survey will help you to pick a destination and you will also know the budget if someone has visited that place. Moreover, this may help you to find some place to stay. Ask your close ones if they have a beach house or cottage which can save your money. There is possibility that they will refer to some inexpensive place even if they don’t own one.

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    Instead of staying in hotels or motels, try to rent a cottage as they are lot cheaper and cost effective. You won’t have to put too much effort in this search as there is bulk of advertisements daily in the newspaper. There are also many websites which provide information regarding this. However, you should make all the reservations well in advance as it will be difficult to find an economical place in the peak season.

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    You may take help from travel agencies. Ask them if there are any vacation packages. All you need is to spend bit extra money and leave everything else to the agent.

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    You should do some shopping to make your stay comfortable and economical. If you are staying in a cottage or condo then it is better to cook your own food. Take lots of juices with you and store all the necessary items in your refrigerator. Trust me it will be an experience to make everything with your own hands.

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    Do not forget to pack a small cooler and beach bags to carry your food to the beach. You will not have to buy expensive items from the vendors there.

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    Planning your beach vacation in the off season can also be helpful to control the budget of your trip.

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