How to Make a Beach Wedding Centerpiece

Having a wedding on a beach is one of the most romantic venue. With the beauty of the beach, the special occasion becomes more precious and memorable. However, you can make the venue look more spectacular by decorating it with beach themed things. You can place beach-shaped decoration pieces and candles in order to plan a perfect beach wedding.

Things Required:

– White pillar candles
– Plate
– Raffia or jute
– Shells
– Embellished buckets
– Flowers, votive candles or shovel and sand
– Shallow bowl and water
– Floating candles
– Lanterns and tea lights
– Printed tags


  • 1

    Metal buckets with beach-related shapes

    In order to go with the theme, you can place metal buckets of beach-related shapes throughout the floor. You can place flower arrangement, candles or even metal shovels in them. In addition to this, you can also place shells and sand on it.

  • 2


    You should take advantage of the venue and make it look more beautiful. You can place floating candles on the surface and let their light reflect of the water. Also float simple flowers such as gardenias along with the candles to make it look more spectacular. In order to go along with the theme, you can always buy beach-themed candles such as shell-shaped candles.

  • 3

    Lighthouse tea lights

    You can get lighthouse candle holders in which you can place tea light candles. Place them in the centre of the table. You can decorate the table further by laying starfish around the lighthouse tea lights. Remember to space the starfish around them evenly. You should lay six starfishes in a single table.

  • 4

    White pillar candles

    Instead of using tea light candles, you can use white pillar candles. Place around three candles on plate in a single table. Then decorate the table by tying raffia or jute around them. You can place shells, starfish or even sand dollars on the knots. Remember to use natural coloured raffia or jute for this step.

  • 5

    Empty champagne bottles or simple vases

    You can place empty champagne or wine bottles which are clear on every table. You can also use simple vases if you and your friends do not drink. In addition to this, you can write the bride and groom name on an animal skin and roll it up on these bottles.

  • 6

    Miniature metal lanterns

    You can place miniature of metal lanterns along with large bouquets on each table. Make labels with bride’s name, groom’s name and the date and join with the lantern handles with raffia. You can fill these lanterns with candle and light it during the dinner.

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