How to Play Beach Ball Bingo

Irrespective of the risk and any other evil that may be associated with it, gambling is indeed a very thrilling and tempting activity. Some people have a lot of faith in their luck and this leads them into putting their luck to test from time to time. By betting a small amount of money, there is a good chance of walking away with a lot of winnings.

Beach Ball Bingo is a game featured on my gambling websites. The game has a very appealing interface and is really simple to get the hang of. One of the best things about Beach Ball Bingo is that every card is a winner.


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    The first thing you need to do in Beach Ball Bingo is to select the stakes for the game. You can select the amount by clicking the “plus” and “minus” buttons on the stake window. Each stake will result in different possible winnings. In order to help you decide the amount of stakes, the pay-table located on the right of the screen will display the amount of money that can be won by raising the stakes to a certain amount. Read the pay-table carefully in order to make the right selection according to the money that you can afford to bet.

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    After you have decided the amount of stake and the amount of possible winnings that it can result in, click the card to select it and then select “Play” to initiate the draw.

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    Once you click “Play,” you will see numbered beach balls bouncing across the screen, moving from the left to the right. If the number on the ball bouncing across the screen is the same as the number on the Bingo card that you have selected, then that number will be crossed off or stamped in red on the card.

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    Do not start celebrating after a number is crossed off on the card. There is still plenty of game left. The balls will continue to bounce across the screen, or drawn to be more precise, until the entire Bingo card is full, or stamped in red. The number of beach balls it takes to fill up the entire Bingo card determines the amount that you win.

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    Once the entire Bingo card is full, the pay-table will come to rest and illuminate the row corresponding to the amount of balls that it took for the whole Bingo card to fill up.

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    Your winnings will be displayed in the pay-table on the high-lighted row. These winnings are immediately transferred to your account.

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