How To Keep Beaches Clean

In the hot summer, what else can be better than spending time on a beach but unfortunately the ignorance and negligence of some people transform such places into a waste dump. They take fruit, juices, tin foods, packets of snacks and leave all the trash on beach. They lack a sense of cleanliness and destroy these comfy places.

Keeping a beach clean is not impossible as you can gather your friends and start picking the trash but it is just a temporary solution. You will see that people have done that again and all your effort was a futile exercise.

The permanent solution is that everyone should be responsible only for his garbage and a joint effort should be made to keep the beach clean.


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    Try your best to bring all your stuff in reusable bags or pouches as they can decompose easily. Do not use glass or plastic material as they can be dangerous for the marine life along with you.

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    Do not leave anything on the beach rather use dust bins to dump the trash. If you can’t find any garbage bins then choose a bag to put all the useless things and take it with you.

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    It has been observed that people do not use restrooms on the beach rather they pollute the environment with an unpleasant act of urinating. Discourage them for doing that and tell them to use public toilets. Similarly, keep an eye on your kids and use pampers or diapers if they are very young.

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    Do not carry bird food as they will spread these food particles all over the beach. Moreover, it also encourages them to stay on the beach which can be dangerous for toddlers and irritating for adults. Watch your pets and don’t let them do unpleasant things.

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    Prepare your kids before taking them with you on the beach. Make them realise that it is important to keep the beach clean so that everyone can enjoy there. You may take help from story books that are available in marine pollution control department.

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    If you have plans of barbecue then use charcoal grill stand instead of doing it on the sand. Most of the time people leave trash in shape of ash, bones and pieces of bread which not only pollute the beach but also endanger the marine life.

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    Avoid walking on the sea-grass beds and marshes on the beach.

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