How to Drive on Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is a city in California, United States and it is famous for its natural beauty, mild weather and welcoming residents. These factors have made this place a tourist heaven in the real sense. It is perfect destination for those who like to have a road trip alongside the ocean.

Pismo Beach is one of those few beaches where you can enjoy a ride. However, you may have to pay $10 for the permit. Moreover, you will also have to keep couple of things in mind while driving on Pismo Beach.


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    Pick the right time:

    You must leave early in the morning to avoid rush hours. Similarly, you can also drive easily and freely at noon as most people visit the beach in the evening. It is better to check the weather before going out as it is difficult to drive on loose, fluffy sand.

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    Check your vehicle:

    Next thing you will do is to check the fitness of your vehicle. You cannot drive a vehicle which is leaving clouds of smoke behind it. Similarly, check the brakes, lights and tires to avoid any unfortunate incident. You should go for a drive on the beach only if you are satisfied with the condition of your vehicle.

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    Let the air out of tires:

    You must let some air out of your tires and keep the pressure low to make them float on the sand. Remember, air pressure eliminates the footprint of tire and that makes impossible for them to have a strong grip.

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    Avoid turning the wheels:

    You must understand that the wheels trying to turn needs a lot more push than when they are going straight. If you get stuck in the sand, avoid sharp turns and try to keep your wheels straight.

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    Try to stay on the sticky patch:

    You should drive on the sticky patch as your vehicle won’t get stuck due to the grip over sticky grains of sand. Similarly, you can use a floor mat, some branches or even an iron chain to keep your tires on track.

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    Drive 4WD:

    Though, a rear-drive car can survive the sand but it is always better to use a 4WD for a smooth drive. Do not take a front wheel drive car to the beach as it can get trapped in the sand.

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