How to Pack for a Trip to Rome

Rome is a wonderful place to visit. Including classic values and historical places, the city has so much to offer. It can easily be termed as one of the most historically rich places in Europe.

Including Vatican, the Colosseum and museums, the capital of city houses plenty of great places. The city has a rich history, and one can find several ruins of the ancient Rome dating back more than a thousand years.

A week in Rome will surely the best time of your life. If you want to make your journey more memorable, packing should be done very carefully.

Things Required:

– Phrase Book
– Passport
– Money belt
– Tennis shoes or other comfortable shoes
– Proper clothing
– Power outlet adapter


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    First of all, get a passport and other travelling documents. You can obtain your passport from any post office all across the country. You may have an entirely different procedure of getting passport in your country. Get a visa, if it is essential. Those who are citizens of European Union, San Marino, Switzerland and Monaco don’t need to obtain a visa, as they can enter Italy just by showing their National Identity Card.

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    Don’t forget to bring traveller’s check or credit cards. Both are accepted in Rome. If you don’t have plans to stay in Rome for more than just a few days, you can take cash with you. One can easily know the exchange rate through online newspapers.

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    Rome has a very strict security system, but still it is not 100% theft free. Therefore, you should pack a money belt in order avoid any problem. If you are uncomfortable with the money belt, use a hidden pocket.

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    Take a large bag, and pack clothes according to the seasons. Usually in winters, the average temperature in Rome is 09 degree Celcius. But in summers, the temperate goes as high as 25-30 degrees. So, bring clothes accordingly. Make sure all the clothes are comfortable.

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    Bring comfortable shoes. Travelling is not that cheap in Rome, therefore you may have to walk a lot around the city. Tennis shoes or any other comfortable trainers are best in this regard.

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    Bring appropriate clothes for visiting religious places. Rome has several religious places, and you need to wear particular dresses to enter those places. For example, male tourists are required to wear long pants, while ladies need to have their shoulders completely covered, when visiting most of the places.

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