How to Find Hotels in Beijing China

China has a reputation for being one of the fastest growing economies in the world and due to this progress, the tourism and hotel industry are booming like never before. Tens of thousands of tourists visit China every year, and the country appears to be tackling the growing demand for more accommodation facilities. Whether you are planning to visit China on a business or recreational trip, you can find hotels without any trouble.

However, when it comes to finding the most suitable hotel, you need to keep your guard up a bit as the country has hundreds of places to stay that may not come up to your expectations.

Things Required:

– China Travel Guide
– Travel Agent
– Computer
– Internet


  • 1

    Make a budget

    Make a budget first and try to assess how much money you will be spending on hotels and accommodation. Write down all the expected expenses that you will be making during your stay in China. Main expenses for your trip may typically include travelling, accommodation, eating/food and shopping. Everything should be ready in advance so you won’t have to worry about arranging for more money. Accommodation in China can be pretty cheap if you are willing to stay in a simple, no-frills hotel. But if accommodation is more important to you than other issues related to the trip, you have to make sure you get the best deal for your money.

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    Things to look for

    What are your preferred amenities? Start writing down things you will want in your accommodation as preferred amenities. You should be aware that hotels and accommodations range from basic, no-frills to state-of-the-art luxury, seven-star hotels. Basic hotels typically offer a simple bed, bathroom and maybe some air-conditioning. Remember that it is amenities that will determine how much you should spend on accommodation.

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    Read online reviews

    Find a list of hotels in China through the internet and read the reviews. Online reviews are a great source of information as they are written by people who visit those hotels in person. Hotel reviews normally focus on prices, amenities, food, staff and other issues.

  • 4

    Ask your travel agent

    Travel agents usually know enough about accommodation in big cities. They can provide plenty of information to help you make a decision on where to stay.

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    Read current China travel guides

    Read all the current travel guides on China. There are literally hundreds of travel guides on China as the country is a popular vacation spot for many people. Travel guides usually list popular hotels and resorts, so you can find some that meet your standard and budget.

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