Things to do in Milan, Italy

Milan is the second largest city in Italy having an area of 181.76 sq km. While traveling to Italy, not many people travel to this great city as most of us are unaware of what an amazing city Milan is. However, despite all its beauty and attractions, staying in Milan for more than two days would be madness. A two day visit to the second largest city in Italy is more than enough to roam around and explore the most amazing and must-see places in the city. But of course, if someone is a traveler or has some personal fascination with the city of Milan, he or she can spend months here without getting bored.


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    The Duomo of Milan is the third largest church in Christendom. While the famous Church is the center of tourist activity in the city, not many of us knows that we can go to the cathedral’s roof using a lift and view the entire of city of Milan from up there. A visit to interior of the church is easy and not to mention free, going up to the roof is tricky and only people with good knowledge can reach there. But once one is up there, the beauty of Milan is certain to brighten his eyes, and at that very moment, the person travelling in Milan would think that it wasn't a bad idea to travel to Milan after all.

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    In the church of Santa Maria della Grazie holds one of the most prised asset of Milan, the last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. This amazing painting is without a doubt the greatest painting of the 19th century when Renaissance was emerging from every corner of Europe. Da Vinci used all his talent to paint this master piece and as far as I am concerned, this painting is a must see. However, seeing this painting is not easy as one has to buy ticket to enter the church and in the high season, the number of visitors makes it impossible for people to visit the amazing Last Supper.

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    One cannot simple travel to Milan without having a meal in one of the Milanese restaurants. They serve the best of the Italian food and one can find pasta, dairy and cream products on very cheap rates. Although these cuisines also serve international food, going to Milan and not eating the tradition food would be a crime. And it is guaranteed that after eating the regional food in one of the Milanese restaurants, people will carve for more.

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