How to Book a Great Spa Trip in Estonia

Estonia has a reputation for being one of the greatest vacation and tourism spots in Europe, but the recent years have seen the country offer something more refreshing to tourists — a range of impressive spa resorts. There are several good spa resorts in Estonia and their booking charges can go up according to the amenities you want.

In addition to resorts specifically built for spa facilities, there are many luxury hotels in the country, which are now offering spa centers to their guests. All you have to do is find a spa that fits your budget and make your trip to Estonia sensational.


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    Decide what type of spa you want to book

    There are plenty of options at your disposal when you search for spas in Estonia. Generally there are weight loss spas, beach spas, medical spas and vegetarian spas in Estonia (like any other country) and you can choose one based on your preference.

    Choosing a type of spa beforehand will save much time and inconvenience. This is especially true for the summer season, when it can get really hard to book a spa after you reach the country. Have everything ready before you set out on your journey.

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    Full-service or day spa

    Before you book your spa vacation, you should decide whether you want a full-service spa or a day spa.

    Full-service spa typically offers multiple amenities along with basic spa facilities. There are diet-specific meals, nutritional analysis, hiking, yoga, golfing, and comfortable restrooms available in a full-service spa. A day spa can be enjoyed at any hotel or a spa resort.

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    Check out the official tourism site of Estonia

    The official tourism website,, can be of  great help in your search for a spa. The website lists several hotels, spa resorts and vacations spots where you can get what you are looking for. You can sort out the names and addresses of the hotels that offer spa facilities and spa resorts, and book your vacation online.

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    Visit the websites of preferred spa resorts

    Once you have found your preferred spa resort, you can visit its website. The website facilitates potential tourists to Estonia, allowing them to book a spa vacation online. You can pay through credit card.

    The information required for making a reservation is very basic like name, email, address, telephone, duration of your stay, arrival and exit from the facility etc. The charges depend on the length of your stay and amenities.

    In case you have a specific query, you can contact the spa administrators through phone or email.

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