How to Get Permission to Hunt on Private Land

To be able to hunt on a private land is a joyful experience because you do not have to compete with multiple other hunters over a single deer. Unlike many other activities, competition can often spoil the whole fun of hunting. The quiet waiting, the thrill of success and the connection with the land is always enhanced when you are alone on a private land.

Apart from that, one of the greater benefits of hunting on a private land is that you reduce the chances of getting an accidental shot. You will have to try to get permission to hunt on someone’s private land, if you are not lucky enough to own your own land to hunt. It may turn out to be a difficult task but it will be worth it if you are successful.


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    Research about your state laws

    Before you seek permission to hunt on a private land, you need to do proper research about your state laws. Some states require written permission from the landowner before you can proceed with hunting. If you have the required information, you can do your homework before taking permission from the landowner.

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    Liability laws

    You should thoroughly read the liability laws as it can really help you in taking permission from the landowner. Some landowners are reluctant to give permission to hunt on their land because they wrongly believe that they will be responsible for any kind of an accident. Let the landowner know about the liability laws.

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    Consult your friends or relatives

    If you wish to hunt on a private land, you should talk to your parents, siblings, cousins or friends because they may know someone who possesses a nice piece of land which is ideal for hunting. If you can get a reference, taking permission should become very easy.

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    Obtain plat map

    Obtain plat map of the land and decide where you would like to hunt. These maps can be found over the internet. Apart from that, you can also purchase them from the county government at a very low price.

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    Be presentable and respectful

    While seeking permission to hunt on a private land, you must be extremely respectful and presentable. You must appear to be a very responsible person; otherwise, taking permission would not be easy.

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