Things to do on Holidays in Brighton/Hove England

Brighton/Hove is a tourist favourite destination that lies in Southern England, about 76 kilometers away from the capital, London. The city got its name after the two neighbouring communities of Brighton and Hove were joined together in 2000. The city used to be a small fishing village before the early 19th century. However, since then the city has grown to be a major city, with thousands of tourists now flocking to Brighton’s warm beaches.


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    The Royal Pavilion is one of the most iconic landmarks of the city. It was rebuilt in the 19th century by an architect named John Nash, who included a unique mixture of Gothic and classical Indian architecture, which gives the pavilion an exquisite look.

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    The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery is considered to be an excellent mix of a variety of collection. For the spectators, it's immensely captivating as they would be left struck with awe at the sight of the great historical treasures the museum possesses. It's galleries includes specimens of artifacts, ceramics, costumes and fashion from the last few centuries.

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    The Brighton Beach is an ideal tourist destination in the summers. Thousands of tourists every year head to Brighton, and head for the beach, as the trip without a visit to the beach would be deemed as incomplete. Towards the east, there is also a designated space for a nudist beach.

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    The Brighton Pier, also known as the Palace Pier is another one of the prime attractions of the city adjacent to the vast sea. The Pier is a good location to indulge in shopping. However, the goods sold here are not cheap at all, and at times, the shopkeepers might charge you a little more than what they should.

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    The Brighton Dome is a must-visit destination for people who just love art. The dome is the city's prime venue for exhibition of new dramas, dance, theatre, music and other such events. A trip to Brighton would surely be incomplete without a visit to this well-known landmark.

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    If you're looking to buy some flowers for a loved one, or just a friend, then the Old Steine is the place to visit. It's also known as the centre-piece of the city's 'floral-gateway', along with a nearby fountain and a cafe.

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    Do not forget to take a ride on the Volks Railway, which was the world's first public electric railway system. It runs from the Aquarium at Brighton Pier to Black Rock near the Marina, during the months of April and September.

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    The Lanes consists of an area of small shops, that used to be a crowded fishing market for Brighton. However, in the recent years, the streets have been filled with cafes, bars, record shops and a whole lot of jewelry shops.

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    If you're visiting the city in the month of May, then don't forget to attend the Brighton Festival, which is the second biggest arts festival in whole of United Kingdom. The festival involves exhibition of music, art displays, debates and much more.

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    Brighton is also known as the 'Gay Capital of Britain', thanks to the St. James Street. The street lies east of the pier, and is home to a great population of male homosexuals. Apart from the gay village, there are several great restaurant and cafes in the neighbourhood, that are surely worth a visit.

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