How to Go Skiing in Mt. Abram, Maine

Mount Abram is located in Greenwood, a few miles away from Bethel, Maine. It is a small family skiing area, consisting of 44 trails. Mt. Abram is very close to the Sunday River, which is also considered to be one of the finest skiing areas in Maine. Skiing lovers, especially kids, love the place because of the boundary to boundary ski policy according to which no Patrol can pull their tickets before they complete the whole lap. Mt. Abram is usually open from Thursday to Sunday but it is also open on holiday weekdays.

Things Required:

– Ski boots
– Skis
– Goggles
– Poles
– Ski jacket
– Thermal underwear
– Toque/helmet
– Mittens
– Credit card


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    Mt. Abram provides visitors brilliant parking and lodging facilities. Parking is available right beside the main lodge. There is another lodge at the west side, which serves the beginner terrain; however, in order to rent services, you will have to begin your day at the main lodge.

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    Ticket pricing

    No change has been made in the prices of tickets for the on-going year. Ticket for an adult is $49 and is $39 for a child. There are some special offers on Thursday and Friday; however, it is recommended that you go through the website to check the details.

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    You would have to use lifts to go to different trails. Lifts in Mt. Abram are not new but wind-holds are hardly a problem because the lifts are sheltered by trees.

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    Beginner Terrain

    If you are a beginner and looking to learn skiing, Beginner Terrain offers you a great chance to enhance your skills. It is completely separated from the advanced, faster skiers. In the beginner terrain, there are a number of trails to choose from for the new skiers.

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    Other Trails

    Mount Abram has many beautiful trails, even though it is only a mid-size hill. Some of the trails are named after cartoon characters like Rocky and Bullwinkle, which makes it fun for the visitors. You may find the main lodge to be a little crowded; however, people tend to spread out once they get past the unloading area of the main double-lift.

    Some most popular terrains of Mt. Abram are Intermediate Terrain, Terrain Park, Expert Terrain and Gladed Terrain. Gladed Terrain is preferred by most skiers because of its boundary to boundary policy. On top of that, there are some amazing off-map glades on the mountains.

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