Things to do on Holidays in Ghent Belgium

Ghent is a city located in the East Flanders province of Belgium. The city is of great importance to Belgium, mainly due to its port and the high rate of economic activity that takes places within the city. Ghent is also one of the most populous regions not only in Flanders, but also in Belgium.

The region is believed to have exhibited human presence since the Stone Age, and since then has been inhabited by the human race. The city also has a university named as the Ghent University, which is one of the largest universities in the country. Ghent is famous among tourists for its Architecture, Museums, Festivities, Restaurants and Culinary traditions.


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    The Gravensteen Castle is located within the city. It was built upon the orders of Count of Flanders, in an attempt to maintain law and order throughout the region. The castle is a strong representation of the region’s medieval history, and is one of the few buildings to have lasted through a period of several wars. Gravensteen is truly a treat for those who have an interest in medieval history, and a visit to the castle would leave them spell bounded.

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    The Belfort en Lakenhalle is a municipal tower that has been a sign of the city’s autonomy for centuries. The tower was completed in the late 14th century, and since then, the sound of the great bells has been heard throughout the city center. The municipal tower holds great historical value for the local inhabitants, who believe that it represents the city’s culture and traditions. The tower also provides a great 360 degree view of the city from its upper gallery.

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    The city is also known for organizing the Gentse Festeen (Ghent Festival), which is a major attraction for tourists throughout the world. The Festival is one of Europe’s largest street parties that includes concerts, exhibitions, shows and markets, and is attended by nearly two million people every year. The festival is a ten-day even that takes place in July every year.

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    The city is well-known for promoting vegetarian mode of nutrition to its citizens. The city celebrates a ‘Thursday Veggieday’, which is an attempt to lure its citizens towards preferring them to be vegetarian and going meat-free for at least one day of the entire week.

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    Don’t forget to take a trip around the city on a boat in the canals present within the city. The brief journey provides a breathtaking view of the local buildings and architecture, one that Ghent is particularly known for.

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    The Tower of Books, commonly referred as De Boekentoren by the locals, is a part of the University of Ghent. The tower is said to be full of books, and is the ideal place for one who just loves to read. The Tower is among the top tourists destinations in the city, and is definitely worth a visit.

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    The Vooruit Arts Centre is a fascinating art complex designed by architect, Ferdinand Dierkins and is worth a visit. The Arts Centre is the venue for several exhibitions throughout the year, and would prove to be an interesting experience for the connoisseurs of art.

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    The Vrijdagmarkt is a market that's organized on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday since the 13th century. The streets gets flooded with people who are there for either buying or selling. While staying in the city, do pay a visit to this crowded market. Who knows, you might find something of your interest there.

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    The Jog-Tours is the perfectly healthy way for a tour around the city. A tour guide would guide you around the town, informing about the different landmarks and regions while jogging. It's fun, informative and learning for the tourists who find it to be a great experience.

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    A trip to Ghent would be incomplete without a taste of Flemish cuisine. Help yourself to some well-known local specialities such as the Oliebollen or perhaps some Stoverij.

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