How to Boat at Lake Ray Roberts, Texas

There are a number of places in Texas which are great attractions for the people of the United States of America as well as for visitors from different parts of the world. Placed among a forest and rolling hills, Lake Ray Roberts is one of the greatest spectacles of the region. Apart from being an extremely beautiful place, Lake Ray Roberts provides great entertainment opportunities for almost everyone. However, it is famous for boating, which can be a very peaceful and refreshing activity, helping you forget the tensions of your daily life.

In different parts of the park, there are two completely functioning marinas and a number of boat lanes. If you can take some days out of your daily routine, Texas provides you a wonderful chance to spend your holidays.


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    Reserve in advance

    In order to make advance reservations, you may call the park service 940-686-2148 and check for details. Most of the people who visit the park on weekends or on holidays make advance reservations just to avoid last minute headaches. By calling on this number, you can take all the camping information. At the time of booking, you should let the representative know that you are interested in the boating park.

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    Lantana Lodge

    If you are someone who does not like camping, you can stay at the Lantana Lodge. It is highly recommended that you make advance bookings for your stay; otherwise, you may find it hard to get any accommodation. You can call the lodge at 940-686-0261.

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    Come to the park as early as possible

    In order to enjoy the smoothest water for boating, you should arrive at the park early in the morning. Come to the park at about 8:00 a.m. so that you can have a wonderful day.

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    You may rent canoes and kayaks at Greenbelt Canoe Rentals by calling 940-686-2148. There are no boat lanes here; therefore, you can relax and enjoy paddling in this area of the park.

    In order to enjoy boating in the lake, you can bring some water toys like tubes, wake boards and skis. You may enjoy playing with them behind the board because there are huge spaces in this region of the park.

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    Leave at night

    Unless you are staying in the park overnight, you will have to leave the park by 10.00 p.m because the gates will be closed.

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