Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

Pyramids are among the wonders of the world. The structure of a pyramid is quite amazing and appears the corners of four triangles meeting at a single point on the top. These pyramids are one of the most famous constructions of Egypt. You might know about its structures and location but you would be amazed finding out its secrets. Remember that Ancient Egyptians are surrounded with series of mysteries and secrets. In addition to this, it has created several myths. After learning some secrets, your misconceptions will be warded off and you will gain more knowledge about them.


  • 1

    Curse of the Pharaohs

    Curse is that whoever opens the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, they die. An expedition went there and all its members died when they tried to open the tomb. It can be due to poisonous gases or dangerous fungi present there.

  • 2

    Killing the slaves

    Pharaohs killed their slaves which were mostly Israelites. With the death of king and queens, their slaved were also killed. However, this tradition changed after first two Pharaohs as they realised slaves are much useful when they are alive.

  • 3


    Many people think that Ancient Egyptians had contacted aliens. This can be true as all the alignment and geometry of Pyramid is perfect.

  • 4


    The pyramids are beautifully decorated. Besides this the Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of world. The interior of Pyramids is decorated with Hieroglyphs.

  • 5

    Construction and geometry

    The temperature of Queen’s Chamber and other chambers stay 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This is due to the presence of air duct in it. In ancient times there were no way of measuring angles etc but Pyramids are built perfectly using pulleys and simple tools.

  • 6


    This language involves pictures and symbols which were usually drawn on objects and papers. It was also used on jewellery and other royalty objects.

  • 7

    Obsessed with death

    Egyptians were obsessed with death. Labour was required for burying purposes and expensive ornaments were buried along with their bodies. These expensive ornaments were placed so they can easily reach the afterlife.

  • 8

    Pyramids cedar wood boat

    Cedar wood boat is placed near the base of Pyramids. Its parts have been disassembled and it is placed for using in afterlife.

  • 9


    Sundial is an instrument which is used to find out date and time from the position of sun. The great Pyramid of Khufu acts as a sundial.

  • 10

    Beauty of Cleopatra

    The last pharaoh of ancient Egypt was Cleopatra Vii and she is known to be one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. Several soap and oil brands are named after her. Her mind and body both were too strong. Furthermore, her death was turning point throughout the history of Egypt.

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