Things to do on Holidays in Gothenburg Sweden

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and is the fifth largest in the Nordic region. The city is home to a lot of students and is also famous for the Gothenburg Film Festival. Spending your vacations here does not sound like a bad idea at all considering the number of places that are worth visiting in the city.


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    Southern Goteborg Archipelago, perhaps not during the winters, is definitely a great place to visit during summer and spring. You can take a boat and go visit the small islands like the Vinga and you can even have a very good meal on these boats.

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    Tradgardsforeningen is a very beautiful greenhouse located right at the centre of the city and is a very calm place to go to. Furthermore, visit to this place is free.

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    Botaniska Tradgarden or the botanical garden is beautiful laid out and is well worth the visit for people who love nature. Try having a cup of tea or coffee there with a friend in order to really enjoy being close to the greener side of nature.

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    Although it might sound like a science museum for children, the Universeum is a pleasant surprise for any one. Basically, it is a small zoo, laid out like a jungle. Walk into the jungle and see monkeys, snakes et al.

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    Slottsskogen is another attraction worth seeing in Gothenburg. It is a park, a large one for that matter, with moose and penguins the main attractions for kids.

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    For car enthusiasts, a visit to the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg is a must. From classical cars to trucks to prototypes, this museum has everything for someone who is interested in the automobile industry.

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    During the winters, Haga is one of the best parts of Gothenburg. Today, this 19th century district made for workers is lined with shops. Everything about this place is old styled.

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    Goteborgs Konstmuseum or the Museum of Fine Art is worth a visit not only because of a wide range of exhibitions, but also due to the building itself.

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    Delsjon is a very beautiful natural reserve where you will get to see a lot of locals who come here to relax after their daily stresses. It is one of those rare places where you can enjoy the tranquillity.

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    If you really want to know more about the maritime activities, the Maritiman Goteborg is a must see. And it’s not every day that you will be given a chance to get inside a submarine.

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