Things to do in Tianjin

Being China’s hub for all financial and commercial activity, Tianjin is well known throughout tourist circles looking to get the better of both historical venues and modern trends. From quality hotels to ancient site, Tianjin has it all and is amongst one of the most visited cities in the country after Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.


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    Eye of Tianjin:

    The Ferris wheel is an iconic part of the city and is not only a major point of interest, but is a great place to check out heritage sites and see captivating views of the entire city.

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    Great Wall at Huangya Pass:

    One of the lesser known localities of the Great Wall, the Huangya Pass is ideal in the sense that it is not crowded most of the year. While most tourists tend to visit the Beijing side of the structure, the Tianjin one has a museum, the Beiji Temple, and Bagua City with the Bagua Labyrinth.

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    Tianjin Haihe Cultural Square:

    Overlooking the river, the cultural square is definitely worth a visit during the winter months, as the water is frozen up and taking a pleasant stroll can really be a joyous experience.

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    With Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine in abundance, Aulare is trendy eatery, which boasts some of the best tapas in the country and is thus definitely worth a visit if you can spare the time.

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    Hank's Sports Bar & Grill:

    A surprisingly popular choice for those looking to experience top quality steaks, burgers and generic American fast food, Hanks is a well known location due to its sacrilege devotion to football and constant game streaming.

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    Chateau 35 Wine Bar and Restaurant:

    For up market food and top-of-the-line service, the Chateau 35 Wine Bar and Restaurant is perhaps the preferred destination and is particularly famous for pizza, which is baked in traditional Italian fashion outside the eatery.

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    Bawarchi Indian Restaurant:

    Indian food is a major rage amongst the local Chinese population and the Bawarchi Restaurant, which literally means that the ‘Kitchen’ is the perfect place to sample perfect chapattis and sumptuous curries.

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    Tangla Hotel:

    If you’re looking to stay in style and have the budget to pay for it, then do try to visit the Tangla Hotel, where the rooms are comfortable and the service is top notch.

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    Ariva Tianjin No.36 Serviced Apartment:

    A hotel styled like an apartment, staying at Ariva Tianjin is a unique experience and definitely worth the visit if you are willing to pay high rates in exchange for luxury at it’s finest.

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    The Astor Hotel:

    One of the prime locations for top quality and highly luxurious rooms, the Astor Hotel is Tianjin’s best locality to stay in, although the prices are sky high and only a select few can actually afford it.

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