How to Eat Like an Australian

Though, there is not much difference in Australian cuisine and other Western food but still there are some factors that make a distinction. There is diversity in Australian culture and that also reflects in its food.

Aussies are the world’s largest consumers of meat and it includes all kinds like fish, chicken beef, lamb, pork etc. However, they also like vegetables as you will find many types of dishes that comprise vegetables and herbs.

If you are an admirer of Australian cuisine and want to eat like them then you will have to keep a couple of things in mind.


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    As said earlier, meat is an important part of Australian cuisine so you must love it if you want to eat like Australians. No meal is complete without meat as Aussies make many kinds of dishes with fish, lamb, beef, chicken and even with kangaroo meat. However, the latter one has not made fans all over the country as just a small percentage of Australians have developed that taste. Though, seafood is relatively expensive but still they do not hesitate in spending money to please their taste buds. Australia is surrounded by water and thus they have some of the best seafood available.

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    However, you should not get an idea that they only eat meat. The Australians are also fond of vegetables, beans and lentils. They not only use them in soups and salads but also in the main course. Though, bush foods such as witchetty grubs and wattle seeds are also offered in restaurants but they do not have a mass appeal. Rice and different types of noodles are also important part of their cuisine. You will also notice them eating lot of things made of potatoes.

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    Barbecues are also patronised by majority of the Australians. They are fun loving people so they have barbecue parties whenever there is a holiday. Though, there is no single special barbecue item but still you can have a taste of different flavours that Australia has to offer in this cuisine.

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    Apart from main course food items, Aussies have some traditional desserts. Pavlova is one example of such items. This dessert is famous for having a fruity and creamy touch. Similarly, lamington is a butter cake that is dipped in chocolate and garnished with coconut. While talking about traditional food items, how can someone forget damper. It is special bread that people make from flour, salt, water and then bake it on coals.

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