How to Close a Swimming Pool

Swimming is done in the summer season, therefore, during the winter most of pools are closed. Not to mention, only covered pools with water heated systems installed keep operating during the winter but most of the community pools are closed down as the nights and days turn chilly. You must keep several things in mind before closing down the pool as it is not as simple as it appears to be.

Things Required:

– Pool Cover
– Plumbing Anti-freeze


  • 1

    Remove all of the pool accessories

    The pool is going to be closed for a couple of months, so you cannot leave your accessories exposed. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you should take all of the accessories apart and place them in the storeroom. You should consider removing diving boards, ladders, ropes and the items that aid people in floating. You must remove and rinse them carefully to get rid of the dirt and chlorinated water as you put these items in the storeroom.

  • 2

    Drain out the water

    Now, you should drain out the water from the pool. It is strongly advised that you should keep only 25 percent of the water in the pool and then start cleaning it from the inside. Here, you should clean the pool carefully, as you do not want to close down the pool with dirty walls. Remember, cleaning the pool will save you a headache for the next season otherwise you might end up with a mess. After you have cleaned the inside of the pool, you must drain out the rest of the water to completely empty it. Do not forget to clean pool filters and pumps.

  • 3

    Turn off the heater

    Do not forget to turn off the pool heater to save from wasting resources and cause any damage to the unit.

  • 4

    Add plumbing anti-freeze

    You do not want your pool equipment to be wasted because of the freezing cold. Therefore, you must apply plumbing anti-freeze to secure all the connections and pipes.

  • 5

    Place the winter cover

    Do not forget to place the winter cover over the pool as leaving it exposed will only make things worse for you and there will be no point in cleaning the pool before the start of the next season.

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