Things to do in Salzburg

Running along the banks of Salzach River, Salzburg is the perfect place for those who are inspired by art and beauty. Known as the hometown of the musical prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the fourth largest city of Austria depicts a truly artistic style of living.

Famous for its awe inspiring gardens and hills, Salzburg is generally bustling with tourists all year round. The dominating mountains, Alps, add to the site-seeing attractions of the city.

Here are a few things to do in Salzburg to make the most of your visit.


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    The enthralling Mirabell Gardens (Mirabellgarten) are a must-visit. The visitors are left spellbound, especially after they witness surreal sites like the Dwarf Garden, Angel Staircase, and Pegasus Fountain. During the summers, the flourishing gardens are bursting with colours, life and sheer enchantment.

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    Theatre and music are an essential part of life in Salzburg. To experience life as a local, "house productions" are an entertaining way to spend your evening.

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    Exploring Salzburg Old Town (Altstadt) can be a truly mesmerizing experience. Reminiscent of the 13th century, the winding and intermittent pathways offer a variety of eat-out places in the market place.

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    A few other popular landmarks in the same vicinity include Mozart's Birthplace, St. Florian Fountain and Salzburg Museum.

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    The powerful and tantalizing Salzburg Cathedral stands strong, exhibiting baroque architecture. The sculptures and murals captivate the visitors with intricacy and detail, leaving them awe-struck.

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    The invincible Hohensalzburg Fortress bears witness and glorifies the indomitable rulers of the past. The extravagant interior and gothic-style rooms emphasize that the ornamentation and luxury were the essence of life even in ancient times. Currently, the fortress homes a few museums and courtyards. In old times, it was used as a prison and a military camp.

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    For those who love luxury and grandeur, Hellbrunn Palace (Schloss Hellbrunn) is the place to visit. Home of many archbishops and religious leaders of Salzburg, the palace shelters grand halls and ballrooms. The plain outward appearance only serves as a deception to hide the magnificence that lies inside.

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    The surrounding gardens of Hellbrunn Palace (Schloss Hellbrunn) have their own thrill. Candid sprinklers catch the visitors off-guard, who are pleasantly surprised by the sudden and abrupt fountains.

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    One of the delicacies of Salzburg, Mozartkugel is a real treat for the visitors. The concoction of marzipan, pistachio and nougat core is covered with milk chocolate. The best place to find the most exquisite Mozartkugel is Alter Markt square.

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    One of the most interesting places to visit in Salzburg is the Hangar-7. The building is actually a home to several restaurants, lounges and bars. Owned by the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, the so-called hangar entices the visitors with its large collection of archaic airplanes and helicopters.

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