Things to do on Holidays in Fortaleza Brazil

Fortaleza is the fifth largest city in Brazil and is the state capital of Ceara. The city has the highest demographic density in the country and has typical tropical climate. And, if you are lucky enough to tour Brazil you must stop by to discover this beautiful city for a few days.


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    Praia do Futuro is the best beach to go to in Fortaleza where the Barracas serve you with crab and beer. The best time to go to this beach would be at the weekends when the place is packed with locals and tourists.

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    Centro Dragao do Mar de Arte e Cultura is a state of the art modern cultural centre and has museums, theatres, cinemas, galleries and a good café for visitors. Furthermore, the centre blends in well with the adjacent old buildings and is a spectacle during weekends.

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    Vira Verao is another famous beach themed restaurant at Fortaleza where you will be served with excellent seafood meals and snacks. And, this restaurant serves the best red snapper with salad. The place is also a great stop for windsurfers and surfers alike.

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    Engarrafamento means traffic jam in Portuguese and that’s what you will encounter once you enter this excellent venue for popular samba music. Going there on Sundays would be the best time.

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    Beach Como Travels is an agency that offers tourists longer distance 4WD along the glorious beaches of Ceara. And, these buggies can take you as far as Natal. A three-day return trip to Jericoacoara coast around R$1700 for two people.

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    Parque Ecologico do Coco was made in 1991 after the local ecological groups put pressure on the government to protect the mangrove swamps from the industrial zone. It has now become one of the city’s most famous recreational parks and workers there organize various activities to create awareness about the environment.

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    Coco Bambu is a one of a kind restaurant in a way that it serves almost everything from regional stuff to Chinese and even Japanese. Everything you order here would be excellent.

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    Santa Clara Café Organico is widely considered by locals as one of the city’s hottest Pontos de Econtros (a place for hot people to mingle). It’s located on the upper level of Dragao do Mar.

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    50 Sabores – a name that could be misleading as this ice cream heaven serves around 100 flavours of ice cream and is simply wonderful.

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    Café Pagliuca offers you jazz music from Tuesday to Wednesday, tango on Thursdays and bossa jazz on Saturday nights.

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