Things to do on Holidays in Munich Germany

Munich is the capital and the largest city of Bavaria, which is one of the states of Germany. Munich was originally a village that was established near a Benedictine Monastery.  The literal meaning of the word Munich is “Home of the Monks”. With such drastic development to improve the village, eventually it grew into one of the largest cities of Germany. The city attracts thousands of tourists every year and has a rich history that goes along with festivals that engage the visitors with a fun packed time in the city.


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    Oktoberfest is one of the most famous festivals of the world. It is not only a local festival but is celebrated at a global scale, with tourists storming in to participate in the tournament. It is held every year. Germany is known for its beer and lager and people from as far as California come to attend the festival.

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    Café Glockenspiel is located at a little distance from the square. Germans have a very healthy diet and their traditional diet includes a lot of dairy products. The café is a treat for those who want to enjoy the real food that Munich has to offer.

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    You have to take your time out to visit Odeonsplatz. The place holds a lot of historic value as this was the area where Adolf Hitler was first defeated. The square has tremendous significance in current times, but during that time, everyone who passed through the square was forced to do the Nazi salute.

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    Hofgarten is a nice place to visit if you are planning on having a quiet afternoon reading a book or enjoying the scenic view of Munich.

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    The Eisbach River is a favourite amongst the surfers as they can exhibit their boarding skills by riding through the fast moving currents. Although the city is landlocked, it has not stopped engineers from experimenting on it.

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    Art fans should brace themselves, as the Pinakothek Museums display one of the best pieces of art known to man. The human creativity knows no bounds, and one can see the exhibition of such a statement at the three museums of Pinakothek.

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    The movement started by the students and a professor of the university of Munich changed the course of the second world war and became heroes by initiating some sort of resistance to the Nazi regime. The monument is in the honour of the brave souls who lost their lives after they were beheaded by the regime.

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    Nymphenburg palace is one of the crowded places in Germany. It attracts thousands of visitors every year. For those visiting the city can take a firsthand look of the palace and find out for themselves to why the place is so highly regarded.

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    Football is the biggest European sport and it reflects on to the city as well as the Bayern Munich club is one of the biggest European clubs. There are millions of Bayern fans across the globe and come to Munich to watch their team in action.

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    St Peters church tower is place for every visitor to take a look at. The entry to the place is free and one can get a perfect view of the city by climbing on top of the tower.

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    Take up a bicycle tour of the city. Visit the narrow and busy markets. You don’t need a hefty sum of money to have a good time in Munich. It is a city like no other and is one of the most renowned cities of Germany.

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