How to Decorate a Picnic Area

Picnics are a great way to celebrate something with family. The setting is a brilliant way to hook up with your family in a peaceful place away from the city. It is up to you to decide whether the picnic you want should be a simple one or whether you want it to be a nicely decorated event.

There are many ways through which you can decorate the area of the picnic in an effective manner. The use of beach umbrellas, balloons and lighting can give the picnic place a bright and a colourful look.


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    Determine the budget

    First of all, you need to decide on the budget you need to allot for the picnic. This can be determined by listing down the number of guests you need to invite. You should include all the supplies and decorations before you prepare a budget so that you can get a clear estimate of things.

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    Decide on the setting

    You must decide whether you need to go for a theme or not. Many people go for different comic themes when they intend to take their kids out for picnic. The setting will be according to the theme. For example, if the picnic has a lot of young ones you would want a lot of balloons and toys in the setting.

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    Decorate with beach umbrellas

    Beach umbrellas would give the picnic a classy look. The umbrellas will also provide shade if the function is in the day. Set the location with as many beach umbrellas as you like depending on the number of guests.

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    Use citronella candles and plenty of lighting

    Citronella candles will also provide a fancy look to the setting and their biggest advantage is that they keep insects away. Insects can be a huge problem considering most picnics are held in open areas where there is great chance of flies and insects disturbing you. You can also set spot lights around the area. A fire in the centre would also be a good idea if the picnic is at night.

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    Set the area with balloons

    You can decorate the place with helium balloons. Different coloured balloons around the area of the picnic setting will give the place a very nice and colourful look.

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