How to Bet Greyhounds Racing at Casinos

Greyhound Racing is an exciting sport. In pursuit of an artificial lure, the dogs deliver their best, trying to stamp each other. At the end of the game, a handy cash prize is given to the triumphant hound.

This dramatic sport is not all about betting, but it is surely a major part. You would hardly find a racing event without a betting chart.

Since the greyhound racing is not as reliable as horseracing, betting could be very risky. On his day, any hound can beat even the best in business. When betting at casinos, you need to keep plenty of important things in mind.


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    After reaching the casino, first of all find the floor that has the Racebook. For example, the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut has the Racebook near the Bus Lobby. You can easily reach there by taking the elevator to the ground floor of the Indian Summer entrance.

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    Most of the casinos have very good facilities as far as the greyhound betting is concerned. You may find several teller windows operating on busy days. There will be separate rows of smoking and non-smoking seats. Many television monitors will be also available in order to provide you live action.

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    A casino may offer betting on different racing events. For example, the Mohegan Sun Racebook offers betting from several different events, such as Derby Lane, Palm Beach Kennel Club, and Flagler in Florida.

    Similarly, a casino may offer wagering from Twin Rover, Bluff’s Run and Phoenix. If you have any prior betting experience, choose the one you feel comfortable with.

    It is always better to go to the casinos after having a look at the programs. One can easily print the programs off the Internet by visiting each track’s websites.

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    Reach the window after deciding which track you are betting on. In order to avoid any confusion, you must tell the dog rack before talking about the details of your bet.

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    The bookmakers issue a list of odds well before the start of the race. You must glance at the odds as you walk down to the teller. It is not the best of ideas to rely entirely on the bookies’ predictions. Make an in-depth analysis before selecting your dog. You may find handy previews about one particular race on the web.

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    Take your ticket, and watch the action. Act like a professional bettor, and cash the winning ticket from the same window where you earlier bought it. Leave a tip for the tellers, because your generosity makes their living.

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