How to Make a Hooded Beach Towel

Hooded towels keep you warm and comfortable after a bath, or at the beach after a swim. Hooded towels are good for children as they are more sensitive to cold and wet hair after a visit to the beach can leave them feeling a cold, particularly in a breezy locality.

However, it is quite a difficult task to keep a towel wrapped on a little child’s head for long. That’s where hooded towel kicks in. You can make a hooded towel in your home by combining a bath towel with the hand towel.

Things Required:

– Bath Towel
– Straight Pins
– Ruler or measuring tape
– Hand towel
– Scissors
– Sewing machine
– Heavy-duty sewing machine needles
– Ribbon and trim


  • 1

    There are many sizes in a bath towel. Choose the largest one, the one that is designed for adults. Fold it in half so that the narrow ends are brought closer. Mark the centre with the help of a straight pin.

  • 2

    Make a pleat at the marked point. Measure about 2 inches from the centre point and place another pin to the right side of the centre. Lift the towel at the right and left pins and tap the towel over, so that the right and left pins are brought on top of the centre point.

  • 3

    Take out the left and right pins through all layers of the towel in order to keep the pleat in its place. Use the sewing machine to sew through all sides of the towel at about half inch from the outer boundary.

    Use scissors to cut the hand towel in two pieces. You can sew ribbon or some other decorative material to finish the edge of the towel. Fold the hand towel one piece in half such that the sides of the towel are placed on top of each other. It will automatically make the edges come together

  • 4

    Sew the cut part of the hand towel to the bath towel. The seam allowance should be about a quarter of an inch and should be placed in a zigzag manner to increase the strength of the fabric.

    You will have to remove the triangle from the boundary of the seamed corner of the towel. Fold the hand towel on the seam at the finished side, turn it over as to form a small triangle. Cut the triangle from the towel.

  • 5

    Sew the hood with the towel. You need to go slow as there will be multiple layers of fabric involved in this step. Congratulations on making your beach hooded towel.

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