Things to do on Holidays in Helsinki Finland

A world design capital, one of the best cities in Europe due to its rich lifestyle, Helsinki leaves nothing to chance when it comes to being a tourist attraction. Owing to its location, visiting during the winter is not recommended, but the summer witnesses a combination of beautiful weather and eye catching amusements which one can savour while travelling to Finland’s biggest metropolis.


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    Tour Helsinki with Vuosaari Paddling Center Day

    A superb company catering to the needs of the public and tourists, one can enjoy kayaking, swimming and even hiking with their experts, who can provide unique insights and information about every locality in the city.

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    Seurasaari Open-Air Museum

    Want to experience Helsinki’s peaceful nature? Then this is the place to do it. With flower and fauna both in abundance, this open air museum has selective festivals during the entire calendar year and there is the Iron Age village in Pukkisaari to visit as well.

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    Fortress of Suomenlinna

    For all those history enthusiasts out here, the Fortress of Suomenlinna will be a particularly interesting site to visit, as it does not only boast Helsinki’s heritage, but was also the main reason why the city was made the capital of Finland.

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    Uspenski Cathedral

    Religion has always been particular affinity for the Finnish people and their love for it can clearly be judged by the sensual Uspenski Cathedral. One of the largest Russian orthodox churches in Western Europe, it commands a large number of visitors every year and should surely be checked out if you are in the vicinity.

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    Chef & Sommelier

    For European cuisine with a touch of Finnish class, check out this eatery which boasts some of the finest fare in the country and has been highly rated by the natives as well.

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    However, if it’s French food you crave, then head on down to Muru, where the waiting lists are long, but the quality truly worth it. Sample their sumptuous bouillabaisse for a real taste of France.

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    For a true Scandinavian experience, be sure to visit Old, where price tag is high and the food unnervingly fresh.

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    Fabian Hotel

    As the best hotel in the country, Fabian will set you back a large bill, but the impeccable service and luxurious rooms do make for a unique experience in Helsinki.

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    Hotel Haven

    Highly recommended for tourists, as it not only offers great value for money, but has a superb location right in the middle of the City.

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    Best Western Premier Hotel

    One of the more romantic hotels in Finland, this option is a no-brainer for couples or romantic dates looking to make the most of their trip to Helsinki.

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