Things to do on Holidays in Foz do Iguacu Brazil

Foz do Iguacu is the seventh largest city of the Brazilian state of Parana and is one of the Samba nation’s most toured destinations. Tourists from all over the world flog inside the city which has around 100 hotels and inns.


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    The Iguacu Falls are stunning and offer four different trips with four very different views. These Falls also offer the experience of actually going under a waterfall which is not for the fainthearted. The place literally takes your breath away and it’s good to see it from both Argentine and Brazilian sides.

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    Iguacu National Park is a humungous forested park that is home to very rare species of birds, monkeys, pumas and other wildlife. This park also houses the aforementioned Iguacu Falls which has now made it a World Heritage Site.

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    Rafting in the River Iguacu is a must do for any tourist. This experience will be exhilarating, thrilling and mind blowing for all and sundry. However, be ready to get all wet.

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    Parque Das Aves is yet another wildlife area in the city and not something you should miss out on. You will have the chance to see some exotic birds that you will not see anywhere in the world. Try getting all comfy with a giant Anaconda – now that would make for a great picture.

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    The Cataratas Water Park is a must see for all those who are planning on visiting this beautiful city. Gargante Diablo is a spectacle not worth missing out on. Although you can see this from the Argentine side, seeing it from the Brazilian side offers much more.

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    Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant is the world’s largest electric facility and is a very interesting place to visit. However, it is best to visit this spectacle on a bright sunny day.

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    Pure nature is what will come to your mind when you go near the Iguacu River that leads to the amazing Iguacu Falls. This is a great life time experience so pack your packs, hire a ferry and take a ‘stroll’ down this amazing river.

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    The Buddhist Temple is yet another interesting place to visit in the city and offers a good insight on the Japanese culture in the country. It is recommended to come here via a bus from the central station. However, it is a very lovely place and is also very quiet for that matter.

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    The Muslim Mosque is a wonderful piece of architecture and gives you an impression that you are actually living in a Muslim country. People you come across here are really nice and will give you a lot of information about Islam that could be enlightening to say the least.

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    Lake Itaipu is a huge artificial lake that was formed following the construction of the Itaipu Dam. The dam offers good relaxing areas and spots for fishing, meaning that you won’t get bored when you visit the lake.

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