Things to do on Holidays in Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful cities located in the west of Austria and provides a freeway across to Verona (Italy) and Munich in Germany. With a population of just 121,329 inhabitants, this picturesque city is definitely worth a visit if you want to have a quiet time during your vacations.


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    Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen is the best way to go to the mountain top. Usually a bit busy with activity during December, the site is well worth a visit especially if you want to propose someone on top of a mountain.

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    Altstadt von Innsbruck is a small yet beautiful area that is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and has this really magical touch about it.

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    Hungerburg Funicular is one of the easiest ways to get on top of the mountains and soak up all the great views.

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    Tyrolean Evenings with the Gundolf Family has been organizing Tyrolean Evenings in Innsbruck since 1967 and it would be a big miss if you do not attend performances given by the family once on your trip.

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    Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is the depiction of the culture of the Tyroleans, from classical paintings to weapons that the civilization used. Furthermore, it will be great to have a picnic there.

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    Nordpark Cable Railways is what you will call a cool ride. From the railway car, you will be transferred to a cable car in order to complete the journey and throughout the ride, you will have the chance to see some really great views.

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    Cathedral of St. James is the perfect depiction of the Baroque style during the 18th century and was decorated quite magnificently by two brothers from Munich. Now, it attracts thousands of tourists each year with interest in this magnificent piece of art increasing as time goes by.

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    Imperial Palace will give you an idea of the lifestyle adopted by the prominent Austrians of an era bygone. The Giant’s Hall is simply stunning and you will also come across some interesting ceiling art. This is yet another work of art that is second to no one and is a major tourist attraction.

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    Bergisel Ski Jump is one of the most famous skiing and snowboarding areas in Austria and from a ski jumper’s perspective, it has an amazing view.

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    Court Church of Innsbruck is often called the Court of Maximilian and the construction on this tomb was completed way back in 1587. This is another historical place to go to in the city and studying each bronze statue is worth it by all means.

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