Top 10 Least Explored Places on Earth

The world is full of all kinds of sights. Many of these sights are visited by scores of people each year to experience their uniqueness first hand. However, there are many places which have much that can intrigue people, yet, they are hardly ever explored by the common folks.

The main reason for that is often the harshness of weather in these areas. Difficult geographical location can also contribute to that. These factors, however, do not mean that these places are not worth having a look.


  • 1


    These were man’s original habitat and can be found in all sizes. People generally avoid them due to fear of enclosed places.

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  • 2

    Atacama Desert

    Located in Chile, this is probably the driest part of earth and not a fun place to be around. It is obvious that it is not a tourist favourite either.

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  • 3

    Amazon Rain Forests

    Mainly located in Brazil and some other countries in the region, these are one of the largest  and densest forests in the world. There are many species of lethal animals and reptiles which roam in these forest, thus making it one of the least desirable spot for visitors.

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  • 4

    Ice cap, Greenland

    The ice cap has been around for about 110000 years and covers 80% of Iceland. Low temperatures rule out its chances to be a popular destination.

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  • 5


    It is the seventh continent of the world which has ice on all but two percent of the land. Temperatures can drop to -89 degrees Celsius.

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  • 6

    Mountains of North Columbia

    The weather is somewhat moderate but is dry and windy; probably not the best idea for a family vacation.

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  • 7

    Central Range, New Guinea

    Not explored much, it is a habitat for a large amount of wildlife. It can certainly be explored a lot more, if the road and transportation infrastructure can be improved upon.

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  • 8

    North West Siberia

    Comprising of ice and mountain, the region has been explored very little. Efforts are underway though to learn more about this area.

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  • 9

    Mariana Trench

    This is the deepest part of the sea in the world with a depth of over 25000 meters. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean and so far scientists' efforts to explore it have not been entirely fruitful.

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  • 10

    Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan

    It is the highest mountain in Bhutan that no one has yet explored despite of many effort. The government has banned its climbing on religious grounds which is not helping either.

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